Great Finds for Authentic Vintage London Fashion

London is famously expensive for everything from taking the Tube to the traditional English brunch. Shopping is expensive in London, as is getting around. If you were in the market for vintage clothing though where would you place your chances of finding a good deal, plenty of choice and shopping satisfaction in a city such as London with a reputation for expensive deals? With a little planning done to lead your way, you’d be surprised at the number of places that can turn up with a good deal.

The Salvation Army may not be the first place you think of to associate in your mind with London fashion. But the store they run on Princess Street near Oxford Circus in the heart of London, offers such great deals, practically no one shopping there seems actually poor. Try this outlet any day of the week except Sundays. In keeping with the poverty theme, try Oxfam’s charity shop on Kingsland Road in Dalston. It’s the Walmart of antique London fashion, and it’s all packed into such a huge warehouse, you might need a map to get around. Fortunately, the choices in vintage London fashion on offer here make it worth your while taking the trouble to keep track of your bearings. Prices here start at less than five dollars, and there is every kind of vintage high-fashion on display.

If you ever wanted to visit a real London institution that hadn’t yet caught on with the tourists, shopping for vintage London fashion on Brick Lane has to be a real treat. This little treasure of a find is a whole street filled with stores that sell clothing from a bygone era – at prices that seem to belong to a vintage era themselves. Every day of the week, save for Saturdays, fashion fiends in on the secret, throng Brick Lane to find surprise deals on a variety of clothing from stores that line the whole street and provide an atmosphere like you never would expect.

There are even regular fairs for London fashion held at certain appointed places at regular intervals. Try the London Vintage Fashion Fair, one of the most popular monthly affairs of this kind around, at the Hammersmith town hall. You’ll find fashions here from 100 years ago and surprisingly, it isn’t difficult to find stuff in good condition. The location of the sale, the Hammersmith Town Hall on King Street is itself an antique place that makes the perfect backdrop to this wonderful institution.

There are vintage clothing outlets all over London – Portobello Road, Crystal Palace, lots of great places where you can soak in the London atmosphere and shop off for clothing at the same time. It’s a terrific way to experience London.

Fashionably Fair Traded Jewelry

Consumers and society in on the whole has begun to consider more closely their purchases and their impacts. The economy has influenced the market, but so has social awareness. Now more than ever, consumers are interested in where their purchases are coming from and who they affect. Often times our purchases have larger implications and repercussions than we may even realize at the time. With environmental degradation at an all time high, people are much more willing than ever before to throw down a few more dollars on products that have social and environmental benefits. Handmade and recycled goods are getting much more attention than they used to. They are no longer seen as cheap, but as inexpensive and beneficial to the environment and to peoples’ lives.

Jewelry permeates almost all societies. In most places jewelry is an expression of art and culture. They are not paid fairly and often have to work unheard of hours in a factory that offers them little benefit and a low wage. For this reason, jewelry consumers are turning to Fair Trade Jewelry. Fair Trade Jewelry is often made sustainably and more importantly, Fair Trade jewelry is true to its name. The trade between the buyer and seller is fair. The producers get what they deserve for their labor and the goods.

Socially conscious jewelry doesn’t have to look any less glamorous than any other types of jewelry. Many people are under the impression that Fair trade and recycled jewelry often uses durable metals like sterling silver. Fair trade offers many styles including Sterling silver jewelry. To be more environmentally conscious, some brands will create new jewelry by melting down metal from necklaces, rings, and bracelets that have an outdated style. The metal is melted down and then redesigned for today’s hottest trends! Exploitation of workers and especially factory workers is still occurring today, but by endorsing and purchasing products that are homemade, locally bought, fair traded, or recycled we can lessen that negative impact.

Make a Hit at State Fairs With Wholesale Western Fashion

Every year, state fairs open their doors to thousands of people looking to eat strange and unhealthy foods and to purchase all kinds of gifts, as well as items for themselves. One traditionally successful type of goods at these fairs is western fashion. By taking advantage of wholesale western fashion, you can set up your very own shop and soon be reselling all types of goods and accessories to a bevy of eager shoppers.

If you ever visit a state fair, you’ll notice one thing immediately: cowboy hats. There’s something about being surrounded by horses and tractors and fried food that makes everyone seem to feel that it’s necessary to be wearing one. Another major seller is jewelry; in essence, the proximity to the farm and ranch lifestyle makes people seem to identify wholeheartedly with the culture and imagery of the west. By taking advantage of wholesale fashion, you can inexpensively stock up on all variety of western fashion goods and pass those savings on to bargain hunting fairgoers.

Beginning in July, there’s a constant string of state fairs all around the country that lasts up until early November. If you amass a collection of items through wholesale western fashion, it’s possible to organize a road trip from fair to fair, providing a fun, interesting, and hopefully profitable late summer and early fall season. With a little bit of research and organization, it’s easy to determine which fairs are best for your goods, which fairs have the lowest vendor rates, and the most efficient route to take between them.

In today’s tough economic times, a bit of creativity goes a long way toward creating supplemental income. By taking advantage of things like wholesale western fashion, you can get your foot in the door of the ripe consumer market of the state fair scene around the country. Hopefully not only will you turn a profit, but you’ll also have a bit of fun in the process.